PPC or Pay Per Click creates a boom in business by bringing more traffic and hence leads, and sales. This can be acquired at lower Cost Per Acquisition!

We at Perfect Digital Web welcome you to our PPC Management services, where we utilize all Ad channels efficiently and deliver an expected Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) than you have found ever before.

Ads are quite sensitive in nature as their performance is time driven. Therefore, we make the right ad placement at the right time. This takes your brand in front of the most righteous audience, who are actively looking for precisely what you offer.

We provide the following services-

Paid Search

We accredit your paid search marketing with appropriate and prominent campaigns to make sure that your website gets high visibility, gains instant traffic and enjoys high conversion rates.

Display Advertising

We boost your brand exposure, create and maintain awareness, and reach the target audience with well-focused and return-driven display campaigns to enhance sales and increase overall ROI.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has always been profitable for businesses since its inception. We create and implement creative social strategies to advertise on different social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram.


Our highly targeted remarketing tactics help you find low ad budget campaigns which bring your business maximum profit and encourage prospects for re-engaging with your offer, which is ready for the conversions.


PPC has been profitable for businesses across the world as its stats show paid promotion returns $2 for every $1 spent- a 200% ROI rate. We also ensure to deliver the same profit margin for your business.



Shopping Ads

When you are a business, you would look for every paid marketing options to try on. Shopping ads are one of the most profitable options as we add our retail-centric approach to manage the campaigns that get a high click-through rate and generate more sales.



Account Audit & Strategy

We manage the auditing of your PPC accounts and create improved strategies to boost the performance of your campaigns and make your investment worthy of each penny spent.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Our comprehensive keyword research and extensive competitor analysis help you get a responsive PPC strategy to lead the competition and improve ROI efficiently.

Ad Copy Writing & Optimization

Optimize your campaigns throughout, revamp CTR, and get strong ROI with our well-focused and magnificent ad copies as well as highly optimized landing pages.

Ad copies help increase CTR and ensure better ROI with our highly targeted and

Bid Optimisation & Management

We also provide bid optimization and management services that include the selection of engaging keywords, tracking of ad performance, and effective bid optimization.

Google Ads-

With Google Ads, we take your business to people who are specifically interested in your product or service. Google Ads is highly recommended as it allows its users to control the cost.


Facebook Ads-

Facebook Ads is known for its robust analytics and with that we provided you insights that help you take apt business decisions. We manage your campaigns to get potential leads in real-time.

Perfect Digital Web is a full-fledged PPC Management service company in India and offers you various profitable pay-per-click services.